rsz_p7 Jody Higgins is an energetic and forward-thinking entrepreneur. She founded her business based on the traditional Virtual Assistant model, and still provides the best in administrative assistance for a wide variety of business leaders.Jody expanded her business model to take advantage of her unique experience and expertise with Social Media.
For several years now, the fastest growing part of her business uses her social media and marketing knowledge and skills to build an online presence for her clients through the use of social media marketing, e-marketing, blog management and website content management. Jody creates successful engagement marketing strategies to create a strong and effective online presence using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest and allow her clients to work smarter and make more money doing what they love to do.With her passion to serve her fellow entrepreneurs, and a true interest in the Analytics and Metrics which are required to measure the success of a social media strategy; Jody provides detailed reports so clients can see the results of their customized Social Media Strategy. Results are measured through a combination of hand gathered data, reporting tools and Google Analytics to improve the reach and effectiveness of her client’s social marketing efforts.

The MVAS Team includes experienced virtual assistants, graphic designers, web designers, writers, and other experts who help fulfill both the Virtual Assistant needs and the Social Media Marketing plans for all of our valued clients. Jody has gathered a group of professionals who have a passion for their chosen fields, and provide the highest level of customer service for each and every client.


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